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Black Water Militia of Jackson County Mission Statement

  The purpose of The Black Water Militia is to assure that our members are equipped with the latest information, tools and guidance to make their contributions to society as meaningful and trouble free as possible.

  Our Mission is to provide the following:

  • Support local and state law enforcement in protecting our communities from those who would deny our rights under the Michigan and United States Constitution. Those rights include protecting freedom of speech, protections against illegal search and seizure and the right to be secure in our home and person.
  • Protect out communities against common criminals who are frequently released early or not incarcerated through plea bargaining by prosecutors intent on securing less costly yet unjust convictions to look good on their resumes/conviction records
  • Protect out communities against right wing agitators as well neo-fascist liberal lawbreakers such as AntiFa, the Occupy Movement and other anti-American leftist groups and violent Social Justice Warriors (SJF) in general. We will not tolerate rampant property destruction and assaults as have happened in Berkeley California and other leftist cesspools across the country.
  • We support equal rights for all and special rights for none. We must ptotect out communities against those who would deny equal rights for all through misguided legislation designed to pander to certain groups.
  • Oppose any effort by the new city council and neo-fascist liberal mayor to designate Jackson a "Sanctuary City". We will oppose any pro-sanctuary city demostrations and actively work to defeat those individuals elected in the last election cycle who want to turn Jackson into a liberal hell hole.
  • Expert guidance from experienced members in the different areas that our members are interested in from target shooting to amateur gun smithing.
  • Provide answers to simple legal questions through a licensed attorney. The attorney is available for complex civil and criminal problems for his/her normal fees.
  • Guidance and encouragement to ensure that our members safe fully aware of their rights and how to protect themselves from all assaults both physical and political.
  • Provide self-defense exercises, gun safety training and shooting exercises.
  • Support for PAC's to assure that elected officials are aware of and sensitive to the needs of our members and are pro-American.
  • If you share these goals, join The Black Water Militia today.